…Welcome to the story of the timeless beauty of Croatian traditional jewelry…

Handmade sterling silver jewelry that represents the centuries-old tradition of Croatian jewelry – mysterious, charming and full of stories that exude the past, but also carry the breath of modernity. This jewelry is not just a decoration, but each piece is like a small time capsule that takes you back to the past and heritage. Take a look at the beauty of our unique filigree handwork, find something for yourself or as inspiration for a gift to a loved one and proudly carry a piece of this extraordinary story with you wherever you go.


Hrvatski tradicijski nakit - Lotos nakit

Sterling Silver Bracelets

46,45  (349,98 kn) 69,02  (520,03 kn)
51,76  (389,99 kn) 69,02  (520,03 kn)
34,51  (260,02 kn) 53,09  (400,01 kn)